Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Get Married in North Carolina

So… you’ve decided to get married in North Carolina. What do you do next????

First, you must decide if you’re going to get married at the courthouse or if you will have a minister officiate your ceremony. For your ceremony to be legal (something you surely want) it must be performed by a magistrate or an ordained minister in the presence of two witnesses. You may decide on a courthouse wedding. Just keep in mind that often you have to wait until the regularly scheduled court ‘business’ is over or you may, as one couple told me, go to the ‘jailhouse’, (for the convenience of the magistrate) Either way, at the end of the day, you will be married. As a couple, decide how you want to remember your wedding day.

Like every state, you must have a marriage license to get married in North Carolina. These are issued at the Register of Deeds office (Monday – Friday) and are valid (for 60 days) in all counties in NC.

This site provides a county map with a link to each Register of Deeds Office: click here It’s best to contact the individual office where the license will be issued. I have found some variances in requirements, particularly if either of you have been married before.

There is no waiting period. Your license will be issued and you can get married immediately.

Now that you know 'how' to get married in North Carolina. The BIG question is where? Mountains, Beaches, Piedmont.... The internet search is on.... and it can be so overwhelming. Each area has its own beauty and charm. To narrow your search, do you want a large wedding or small wedding? Are you looking for a venue that can accommodate 150+ guests, will it be a few friends and family members or maybe something in between. Or..... like so many couples, will it just be the two of you for a romantic and fun elopement?

I may regret saying this, and may later remove it from my blog, but if you really don't know where to start or need suggestions send me an email ( and I'll try to help you find the perfect location for your wedding. Or, at the very least, point you in the right direction.