Thursday, May 20, 2010

Weddingmoon, aka Destination Wedding

There are various resorts widely known venues for destination weddings. All inclusive, wedding and honeymoon, all at the same location (and quite expensive).

Not everyone can afford, or wants to spend that kind of money… Many couples are finishing their education, buying a home, or saving to buy a home. Some want to delay their honeymoon because of work schedules or other obligations. And for some, who already have a family, a luxurious destination wedding is just not possible.

There are other options! Very convenient and affordable options. Why not consider renting a house/cabin/cottage and having your wedding, reception and honeymoon all at the same location… Need an idea?? We have a 2 bedroom riverfront (Broad River) cottage that we rent on a nightly basis. This is absolutely perfect for a simple elopement. However, the house is large enough, with plenty of parking, if you would like to include a few guests.

The cottage was updated Spring 2010, paint, carpet, tankless water heater, appliances and furnishings.
You can check out the amenities and rates by clicking here: UpRiver Cottage

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Family Wedding at RiverMist

Karen contacted me months ago about having a small family wedding at our retreat center. She and Michael wanted a ceremony that included her children.

It was a very tender moment as the children 'gave their blessings' for Karen to marry Michael.

As you can see, it was a very happy day.

And.... the children were happy to play on the rocks after the ceremony was over.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wedding at Hanging Rock State Park - Kim and Jake Happily Married

After lots of hugs, Jennifer, Tate and I parted ways. They were off to celebrate with their sisters (who were their witnesses) and I was headed to Hanging Rock State Park.

I had been in the area before but this was my first time in the park. It will not be my last. This place is absolutely gorgeous. I went directly to the shelter just to make sure I knew where everything was. There I found Jake and Autumn (their 20 month old daughter) 

After talking with Jake and admiring their decorations,  I headed to the cabin to meet Kim. As with many couples, we had not met ahead of time. Brides are very busy but I love to chat 'just a little'... It also gives me a chance to ask for the marriage license. (usually the bride is in charge of the license)

                       Kim and Jake had been busy getting everything ready for their wedding and reception. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't have a beautiful wedding in a public park. Everything was perfect!

Kim and Jake put a lot of thought into their wedding. This was a clever idea. Everyone was asked to place their thumbprint on the 'family tree'. What a great wedding keepsake!
And they were very wise... They wanted to include a unity candle but this can be 'tricky' with outside weddings. (you definitely wnat your candles to stay lit, at least until the ceremony is over...) Kim and Jake had a plan.. they lit their unity candle at the reception. Problem solved!  It ended up being a looong day and I arrived back at our retreat center at 7:00pm. And yes, by then I was a little tired. But so happy to know that I helped two couples make wonderful wedding memories.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jennifer and Tate - Married at Thunder Hill Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway

May 1st, May Day, what a great day to get married! I knew Saturday was going to be a busy day traveling to two weddings but I knew they were both going to be very special... And was I ever right!

I left our retreat center at 7:00 am. Going down our driveway (about a mile long) I turned on my cell phone, GPS, iPod... opened my sunroof.... ready for a day on the road.

Jennifer and Tate contacted me several months ago about officiating their wedding. They were looking for a scenic spot somewhere around the Boone area. I suggested Thunder Hill Overlook, only a few miles from Blowing Rock. This is a very popular spot but I knew it wouldn't be crowded at 10:00am.

There is a meadow across the road which allowed us to have a very private ceremony. They wanted their feet planted firmly on the ground and not on concrete!

Jennifer told me that she was not the kind of girl who spent years planning her wedding. She definitely wanted to get married, just wasn't interested in the frills... Sometimes it's hard for family and friends to understand this and often feelings 'get hurt'.. Their families respected their decision, 'just be sure and take plenty of pictures'

I had a little surprise. I brought my HD pocket camcorder so their family will get to see the entire ceremony, thanks to their friend who videotaped their wedding.

Even a small wedding can be stressful and you can almost feel the tension leave once the couple are pronounced 'husband and wife'.

A little 'thumbs up' for the happy newlyweds!