Sunday, May 22, 2016

Jessie and Zack are Married - Riverwood Manor

What do you do when you've been in love with someone over half of your life.... Well, there is really only ONE thing to do... you marry them.
And that's exactly what Jessie and Zack did yesterday at Riverwood Manon  in Harrisburg.
This was the first time I officiated a wedding here and I look forward to many more...
Great venue for 50 -300 guests. Wedding and reception at one location. 
 I had a chance to take a few photos before the ceremony.
(love my iPhone)
What a great way to incorporate blessing stones. 
Guests were asked to write blessings for the newlyweds.
The reception area was beautifully decorated.
And Zack was busy taking care of last minute details.
The weather was perfect.
Flowers ready. It's time to get married.
Family is important to Jessie and Zack so their siblings took part in the ceremony. 
Jessie's brother, Michael, read a passage of scripture. 
Zack's sister, Jennifer, reminded guests of family members who were present in spirit.
Jessie and Zack would like us to take a moment to remember their loved ones who are not here with us today. We remember them still and invoke their memory and their spirit to share in the happiness and joy of this moment. Thinking of them brings fond and cherished memories of a time past, yet every present in our minds and hearts. We will always remember them and we know that the are celebrating with us in spirit.
After personal vows, Jessie and Zack included a unity sand ceremony
led by Zack's sister, Stephanie.
Not their first kiss. Certainly not their last.
It was truly a special day.
Jessie and Zack, together FOREVER.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Elemental Blessing of the Rings

It was a wonderful spring day when Mike and Lisa became husband and wife.
Adding rituals and special elements can make a wedding ceremony personal and unique.
I offer many options and always happy when couples choose to have their rings blessed.
There are many ways to bless wedding rings. Lisa and Mike chose to include the four elements: air, fire, earth, and water.

Air: communication and creativity. 
Fire: passion and spirit.
Earth: wealth and harmony. 
Water: affection and compassion. 

Rings were passed over incense and flame, then touched to a stone and submersed in water. Sometimes couples prefer having the rings blessed with water only. A great way to personalize a ceremony.
And a blessing before the rings are exchanged.
Not everyone wants a large wedding with lots of guests.
Many couples prefer a private ceremony.
(you must have two witnesses in North Carolina)
The 'First' kiss. Always my favorite part!
And a happy Mr. and Mrs, ready for adventures.