Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wedding at Blowing Rock, NC

So... doesn't this just look like a fun wedding! Well, take my word for it, it was!

When I arrived at the Broyhill Park in Blowing Rock, Robert was very busy coordinating the last minute details. He said that he had been at the park since early in the morning and believe me, his hard work had paid off. Everything looked beautiful.

We had a chance to chat briefly then I told him to continue with his work. I wandered around and took a few photos.

The area around the gazebo is very private. 

Which was perfect for the ceremony, and reception. 

Isn't this cake lovely? I am always amazed a the creativity of wedding cakes.
I love the signs displayed beside the gazebo. 
Robert and Kellie thought of everything.
And speaking of the Bride and Groom and creativity. Kellie told me that their wedding was taking on a 1920's theme so I thought I would have some fun with their photos.
This personalized shadow box was a unique twist for the sand ceremony. The monogramming was very prominent once the sand was added.

As the ceremony began, Kellie walked alone, toward the gazebo. The plan was for Robert to meet her halfway and escort her to the gazebo. Everything went according to the plan. However, Robert was in bit of a hurry and actually 'sprinted' toward his bride. And... he managed one last 'single' kiss before they proceeded to the gazebo.

Their wedding vows were heartfelt and very tender. I have the privilege of seeing the facial expressions as wedding vows are exchanged. It is always touching.
An excerpt from their wedding vows:
And I will never take for granted how lucky I am
To have found my best friend, soul mate,
and love of my life in you.
One last photo of the new Mr. and Mrs. 

And now some photos from the newlyweds. I love it when couples remember to send me a few photos.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Miranda and Chuck are Married!

Like so many couples, Miranda and Chuck love the water and couldn't think of a more suitable location for their wedding.

Water has long been considered by many as the source of life… Water is in and around all of us and is also a symbol of the human spirit –always in motion, never ceasing, only taking new forms… 

Every element of creation needs water to grow and thrive, to even survive. Water nourishes us, cleanses us, comforts us, renews us.

It is no surprise that many couples choose to marry beside (or standing in) a body of water. In ancient times couples were often married near some sort of water source such as a lake, river or holy well, because it was believed to be favored by the gods. 
 Miranda and Chuck wanted a small wedding surrounded by a few family members. Here's Chuck getting some advise from his mom.

And here's the gorgeous ring he gave his bride.
    The smiles are always bigger after the ceremony.

     Knowing that God has brought us together,
     I choose to walk beside you from this time forward.
     You put love in my heart, peace in my mind,
     and hope in my dreams.

    The search is over, a soul mate has been found.