Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Unique Wedding - Bost Grist Mill - Concord, North Carolina

Mike never had any doubts about where he would marry Cindy. Since he's close friends with the owners, Bost Grist Mill would be the location.

And the date... Nov. 19th. The same as his parent's and his sister. Who could forget an aniversary in that family!

Mike designed the double heart symbol that was used on their flag and engraved on a crystal cake topper.

What a lucky couple! Two honeymoons. They celebrated at the coast immediately following their wedding. And in a few weeks will be heading west for a snowmobile adventure..

And look at this... how many couples have their picture taken on a shiny John Deere tractor?

Remember....have fun on your wedding day!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Beautiful Mountain Wedding at Leatherwood Mountains

Leatherwood has become very popular for destination weddings. Couples can choose a private 'couples only' wedding in one of the 40 privately owned luxuary cabins. Several other locations are available for ceremonies that include family and friends. And since Leatherwood is known as 'horse country' couples can actually marry on horseback.

Jody and Joe, chose Leatherwood Mountains for their family wedding. They had never visited Leatherwood and made all the arrangements through email and phone conversations. Abbie, the event coordinator, is a pleasure to work with helps couples plan their perfect wedding.

Jody and Joe had children (ages 6 - 15) from previous marriages and it was very important to involve their children in their wedding ceremony. Each child read a portion of a reading entitled 'The Keys to Love"

The key to love is understanding....the ability to comprehend not only the spoken word, but also those unspoken gestures, the little things that say so much by themselves. etc....
Once the ceremony was over, the children were very interested in cutting the beautiful cake that Leatherwood provided. Unfortunately, they had to wait for photos and a trip to Boone for dinner.

Don't they look relaxed! What a great way to get married....