Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Kelly and Luis are Married

October 8th, 2016 - a wedding day that many brides will certainly remember. Brides, grooms, mothers, wedding venues, florists, etc.... That was the day that Hurricane Matthew decided to show us the power of mother nature.

So what do you do when roads are flooded, trees are down and there is no electricity. And it's only a few hours until your wedding? You could let this ruin one of the most special days in your life or you could do what this beautiful bride did... go to plan B.
Oh yes, it was going to take more than a little wind and rain to spoil her day.

Like many couples, Kellyn and Luis had planned for everything. Everything except for a hurricane. It did require some last minute planning but the transition was so smooth you barely realized it was actually Plan B. 
Here comes the Bride.
Eyes focused on Luis, the love of her life.
Thankfully the wind settled and the rain stopped.

Luis, you are my one true love.
I promise to walk beside you,
to share in your joys,
to comfort you in your sorrows
and to bear all things
as both your wife and your friend.
With this ring I thee wed.

Best wishes to the happy couple

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Unity Water Ceremony - Jessica and Matthew

Check out the smile. Matthew had been waiting years for this day!
Jessica and Matthew were in love as teenagers.
And that loved stayed in their hearts.
And today they became husband and wife.
He was very happy to put the ring on her finger.
Jessica was interested in a unity ceremony but wanted something other than a candle or sand. I suggested a unity water ceremony. Many people are not familiar with this option. There is one container of yellow water and another container blue water.
Blending yellow and blue creates green, 
representing the blending of lives together as one.
Lots of kissing on this happy day!
Whatever the future brings,
Jessica and Matthew will face it together.

Kind words from the happy couple:
Our ceremony at RiverMist made our wedding day so special. We will always look back and feel like our day and ceremony was perfect. We really appreciate your generosity and everything you did to make it so special.  Sincerely, Jessica and Matthew

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

NC Mountain Wedding

I love it when couples remember to send me a few photos... Just got these from Cindy and Joe who traveled from Florida to marry in the mountains of North Carolina.
Here comes the beautiful bride, escorted by her father.
Cindy and Joe lit candles in memory of loved ones who have passed on. 
And I will be honest, there were a few tears when Joe's sister shared a beautiful reading.
Guests enjoy hearing personal vows. 
Cindy and Joe used the same vows but Joe added a touch of humor and tenderness to his. 
Cindy, from the moment I first saw you,
I knew you were the one
with whom I wanted to share my life.
Your sweet generous nature,
unselfish actions,
and compassion for others
inspire me to be the best person I can be.
You truly are my Jiminy Cricket.
Now if you remember, Jiminy Cricket had a distinct personality, In short, he personified what a conscience should be: keeper of the knowledge of right and wrong, counselor in moments of temptation, and guide along the straight and narrow path. By saying just a few words, Joe spoke volumes concerning their relationship.
Rings were exchanged
Time to pronounce them married.
Seal the deal. And celebrate!

Thanks to the family member who provided these photos. And BEST WISHES to the happy couple..

Melanie and Ken Marry at RiverMist

Don't you know it's true.... 
Best Day Ever for Melanie and Ken.
He was a happy man when he saw his bride.
Yes, this is the day they had been waiting for.
And they were not alone, 
Family members traveled to be with them on this special day.
Melanie showing off the new ring.
Yes, they were happy.
Maybe not your traditional 'first toast'.
You can't tell it but this kiss was really quick. Good job, photographer!
Sweet picture but.....
I think this one shows a 'little' more personality!
Knowing that God has brought us together, 
I choose to walk beside you from this time forward.  
This promise is made in love, 
to be kept in faith, 
lived in hope, 
.... all the days of my life

And a sweet note from the bride:
We truly had the best day ever. We are so grateful to you and Guy for opening your home to our family and giving us the opportunity to celebrate our special day. I've looked at the pictures at least a dozen times or more. Lol! Thank you again for the best day ever!  Melanie