Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Unity Water Ceremony - Jessica and Matthew

Check out the smile. Matthew had been waiting years for this day!
Jessica and Matthew were in love as teenagers.
And that loved stayed in their hearts.
And today they became husband and wife.
He was very happy to put the ring on her finger.
Jessica was interested in a unity ceremony but wanted something other than a candle or sand. I suggested a unity water ceremony. Many people are not familiar with this option. There is one container of yellow water and another container blue water.
Blending yellow and blue creates green, 
representing the blending of lives together as one.
Lots of kissing on this happy day!
Whatever the future brings,
Jessica and Matthew will face it together.

Kind words from the happy couple:
Our ceremony at RiverMist made our wedding day so special. We will always look back and feel like our day and ceremony was perfect. We really appreciate your generosity and everything you did to make it so special.  Sincerely, Jessica and Matthew