Thursday, June 26, 2014

Karen and Jack Married in North Carolina

I love hearing stories of how couples meet. And what a story Karen and Jack have. Their friendship developed so much that Karen was willing to travel across the 'pond' from her home in England to marry the lucky man. And how fortunate they found us on the internet.
Jack is quite a character and never at a loss for words.
Their wedding ceremony was full of rituals. 
Karen and Jack ordered a beautiful Oathing Stone engraved with their names and wedding date.
They each held the stone in the palm of their hand as they made their promises. 
Wedding vows were 'set in stone'.
Their beautiful Celtic wedding bands were blessed with the four elements.
Air for hopes and dreams; Fire for the spark of love;
Water for harmony and healing; and Earth for strength.
May these rings be so blessed.

You know it's special when  wedding vows begin,
'You fill my world with thunder.... You've changed our lives forever'.
Oh yes, he's quite a character. Karen's flowers tucked in his left pocket.
What a plan these two had. A month long honeymoon. Making memories while traveling. 
And I do believe Jack had a few more surprise up his sleeve.

Love to get emails like this:
We want to say a big thank you for marrying us and making us feel so welcome at your beautiful home.  Guy and yourself are such lovely, warm people it was an honour to have you there to marry us and enjoy the moment with us. Love, Jack and Karen xxx

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Anna and Dan marry at Lake Lure

Pine Gables cabins on Lake Lure was a perfect choice for Anna and Dan's destination wedding. Their website states 'Something old, Something 
new'. How perfect for a wedding!

There are seven cabins and the good news if six of them are pet friendly.
When I arrived, the photographer was busy taking pre-wedding photos.
It's always fun to watch and feel the excitement.
There was a lovely meadow, perfect for the ceremony. And within steps of the reception tent.
 Loved this sign. 
Here's the happy couple, ready to celebrate with their family and friends.
Best wishes to the new husband and wife.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Private Wedding for Cindy and Randy

Cindy and Randy 'going to the chapel'.
It was a hot summer day and Randy's jacket came off quickly.
 Here's a portion of the reading they choose for their ceremony.

The Keys to Love 
The key to love is understanding....
the ability to comprehend not only the spoken word, 
but also those unspoken gestures, 
the little things that say so much by themselves.
 How true this was for them.
The could not stop kissing during the entire ceremony.
That's the beauty of having a couple-only ceremony. 
You can do things exactly the way you want.
 Their 'wedding toast' was nice cold bottle of water.
Very welcome on a summer day!
 More kissing.
It's a little difficult to see but Randy has his fishing rod. 
Said he was fishin' and kissin'.
 The wedding is over. The marriage has begun. Time to celebrate.
And... I just bet they do more kissing than fishing.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Wedding at Chetola in Blowing Rock

The mountains of North Carolina provide many wonderful wedding venues. Chetola Resort in Blowing Rock is one of my favorites.

And although I don't have any pictures of Katie and Brad (hopefully they will have some to share soon) I wanted to post my pre-wedding photos.

I always plan on arriving at the venue about an hour before the start time. This gives me plenty of time to meet with the wedding party and discuss any last minute details. This was particularly important for Katie and Brad. When I arrived I noticed that there was no table and no wine.
This was a serious problem since we were to include Unity Wine Ceremony.
The wedding coordinator, Jessica Lorello, responded quickly and we had two glasses of wine, tied with a ribbon. Problem solved.
 There was great attention to detail and the decorations were perfect.
Flower seed packets for the seating chart.
And a garden bench for guests to sign. 
But my favorite. The cake topper.
Just received this email.
Katie and I can't tell you enough that our celebration wouldn't have been the same without the beautiful and heartfelt ceremony that you created for us. We just received the official pics from the wedding this morning so we will forward a few of them to you sometime this week. Once again, thank you for making our day that much more memorable and we certainly will stay in touch. Take care, and we wish you all the best in return!

Intimate Wedding in Blowing Rock

It's a crazy world we live in. And so often couples are just too busy to plan a wedding. Not to worry. There are many ways to have a beautiful wedding, and when necessary, on short notice. Gregory and Stevie wanted to marry but it became difficult to plan. Gregory's mother was enlisted and now they have lovely memories of a wedding day surrounded by family and friends.
Gregory's mother, Patsy, was spending a month at her Blowing Rock home so what better time to have a wedding. She and her sisters did a fantastic job with decorations.
The decorated mantle was a perfect backdrop for Stevie and Gregory's intimate ceremony.
All the guests applauded as the happy couple kissed.
 Time for wedding toasts.
The champagne flutes were from Gregory's parent's wedding and were a sweet touch.
Time to share cake.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Alyssa and Nick Marry in Blowing Rock, NC

Sky Ranch Events in Blowing Rock is a great choice for a wedding of any size. There is plenty of room for guests to socialize before and after.
When you arrive you are greeted with this clever sign which points the way to the chapel.
Lovely rustic mountain chapel.
The chapel is open, allowing the cool mountain breeze to flow.
No air conditioning needed here.
 Nick and the guys were having lots of fun with the photographer.
Bride and Groom did not mind sneaking another kiss.
And this was a wedding first for me. I had to 'ford' a creek to enter the property. 
Brought back sweet childhood memories.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Fun Wedding for Christi and Stephen

If you know anything at all about Christi and Stephen, you know they are always ready for an adventure. So why would their wedding day be any different?

After running a half marathon in West Virginia they 'saddled' up and headed to North Carolina to get married. Oh yes, I mean they saddled up. More later...
Lovely bride on a hot summer day.
Rings waiting.
And then on the fingers.
A little kissing. and...
They were on the road.
Well, almost.
Now it's time to hit the road.

May the roads you travel be trouble free,
clear of pitfalls, obstacles, and debris.
May love fuel your engines, and your tank never run dry,
so remember to show it often; or at least always try.
May you hold on tight, as you round each corner, and pave new roads together,
your love will steer you straight and true, through any kind of weather.
May you be mindful of the speed of life and the need for shifting gears,
knowing when to take things slow, as you enjoy the coming years.
For time will take its toll on your soft and youthful skin,
but always remember, beneath that leather, there’s a gentleness within.
May your love endure beyond the setting sun, as your future unfolds ahead,
So say “I Love You” each time you saddle up, and each time you go to bed.
May happiness and prosperity always find you, wherever you choose to ride.
(anonymous, found on the internet)