Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Latayvia and Jhamal's Wedding Day

There's no doubt these two are happy. And what an honor to have been part of their wedding day!

The number seven is considered sacred in many traditions and the very reason Latayvia and Jhamal chose May 7th as their wedding day.

Their rings were blessed as part of the ceremony. And you just have to see this gorgeous wedding band.
Latayvia and Jhamal wanted to include some type of unity ceremony but also wanted something a little different. I suggested using a Salt Covenant as part of their ceremony. Latayvia loved the idea and each year on their anniversary they will add a pinch of salt as a way of renewing the promises made on their wedding day.
After the salt was combined they held the container as they repeated a Scottish wedding prayer together.
So a kiss  and it was time for their first dance.  
We stepped away so they could have some privacy for the first few minutes of married life.
 Eric Benet "Spend my Life with You"

I never knew such a day could come
And I never knew such a love
Could be inside of one

And I never knew what my life was for
But now that you're here I know for sure
Yes, Latayvia and Jhamal, 'the days and the weeks, and the years will roll by'. You will spend you life with each other.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Family Wedding at RiverMist

Lori and Willie visited our retreat center and after looking over the property, they decided to rent our guest house and have their wedding at the dock on the Broad River. I'm sure fact that her boys loved to fish had nothing to do with the decision.
It was a tender moment when Lori was escorted by her sons.

Lori carefully untied the rings!

Lori and Willie made promises to Bailey and Zachery and then presented them with a chain necklace as a physical reminder.
Time to Celebrate!