Friday, September 21, 2012

Two Hearts - One Love

Many couples choose destination weddings so it's not always possible to meet ahead of time. When necessary everything can be planned through phone calls and emails. However, I always appreciate the opportunity to meet with prospective couples and hear about their wedding vision.

Jamie and Robert only lived an hour away so it was fairly easy to arrange a visit to our retreat center, RiverMist. They had a few things in mind for their ceremony. They both came from strong Christian backgrounds and wanted to include communion as part of the ceremony. And.... Robert had one request... a very special song that would be their 'first' dance. More on that later.
Here's the lovely bride, escorted by her son.
All smiles for these two!
So ready to seal their promises with a kiss!
It's true, we're married. Let's dance.
Two Hearts by Zona Jones
I was born a dreamer, seemed like every day
my mind came up with something new.
But this time it’s my heart, with a dream that’s here to stay.
There’s a chance this one might come true.

I can see me being with you, for the rest of my life.
Two hearts, one love.
And I can see you loving me too, sure would be nice.
Two hearts, one love . . . that’s us.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Family Wedding - Family Love

There are a lot of decisions to be made when planning a wedding. One of the first decisions is who to invite. For Lori and Kim, it was the easiest decision of all. They wanted their children present.

Most often we think of marriage as the joining of two people. In reality, marriage is often much more than that. It is also the coming together and merging of a family. With children present, the wedding ceremony also becomes the proclamation of a new family.
It was a beautiful morning as we waited for Lori's arrival.

Here comes the bride, escorted by her children.

'It is with happiness that we gather..... '

As with most couples, Kim and Lori exchanged wedding rings.
But there was more.
They wanted to include their children.

Kim and Lori chose to make vows to their children
and gave each of them a Family Medallion as a reminder of their promises.

It was a tender moment, full of hugs and kisses.
And maybe a few tears!

Time for the BIG kiss. 

Love has been declared; promises have been made.
Hearts are united, lives are joined.
You are family!

Fun times ahead for this family.

'Whatever our path leads us, it takes us together.'

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Really Good Reason to Elope

There are many reasons why couples choose to elope. 
But here’s one you probably haven’t thought of. 

You get to kiss whenever you want to during the ceremony. 
I was reminded of this when Beth and Geoff eloped to our retreat center. 
These two just couldn’t stop kissing. 

They kissed before we started. 
 They kissed during the opening. They kissed as they spoke their vows.
They kissed as they exchanged rings.
They kissed.
and kissed
and kissed.

What fun to kiss whenever you want to rather than wait for someone to tell you it's ok to 'kiss your bride'.

We did manage to get a few photos without kissing. (it was a little difficult)
The smiles say it all!
Nothing but happiness for these two.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Wedding Destination - North Carolina

September will always be a special month for Jen and Brett. They both celebrate their birthday in September and now they have another reason to celebrate... their wedding anniversary. 
And it will be so easy for Brett to remember his wedding anniversary. Their wedding took place on his birthday!
Here's the groom setting up his cameras. If I remember correctly he had four cameras so their ceremony was filmed from every angle.
Brett didn't want to miss one single smile. And trust me, this bride was smiling!
The planning was over. Today was their day.
Blessing their wedding rings with water.
A unity sand ceremony is a great way to symbolize the coming together of two lives.
And a 'first' toast as part of their wedding ceremony.
Time to kiss!
And smile some more!

Marriage Means Being In Love for the Rest of Your Life - by Chris Ardis
Marriage is love walking hand in hand together. It's laughing with each other about silly little things, and learning to discuss big things with care and tenderness. In marriage, love is trusting each other when you're apart. It's getting over disappointments and hurts, knowing that these are present in all relationships. It's the realization that there is no one else in this world that you’d rather be with than the one you're married to. It's thinking of new things to do together; it’s growing old together. Marriage is being in love for the rest of your life.