Monday, September 26, 2011

Holden Beach Wedding - Sarah and Allen

Life is so interesting. I knew when I was getting ready for my fall beach trip that I would be officiating a wedding. (Other than the one I had scheduled in Ocean Isle last week.) 

I was not disappointed.

Allen called our retreat center last week. He and Sarah had been planning a wedding and life just kept getting in the way. They already had one marriage license expire and there were not about to let that happen again. I asked where they wanted to get married and Allen said they really loved the beach and would like to have a simple ceremony on the coast. Well, surprise, surprise that’s exactly where I was.

Even though we only had a few days, I prepared a personal ceremony that not only married two people but joined a family together. It was a wonderful day!

We stood in the center of a large heart that had been drawn on the sand. After everyone was in place, Madeline, scattered flowers, following the outline of the heart. No doubt, we were surrounded by love.
Sarah said that she would like to include Madelyn and Phoenix in the ceremony. After rings were exchanged, she and Allen made promises to their children. Then the family participated in a sand ceremony. Since I was convinced there would be a short-notice wedding I was prepared and had my supplies ready. I brought a heart shaped vase from home and had purchased whelk shells earlier in the week. 

Sarah and Allen scooped up sand from the very spot they made their vows and then the children added their sand. Love declared, hearts united, lives joined.
The timing was perfect. My friends, Pat and Roger, were visiting for the weekend and they were more than happy to serve as witnesses and photographers. Each one had a camera so there are many photos of this special day.

After lots of photos, we headed to the house to sign the paperwork. On the way in, I asked Sarah and Allen to wash each others feet to symbolize they would always take care of each others needs. A nice finale for a wonderful wedding.
 The future is theirs…
 I always love hearing back from couples and was so pleased to receive this email:

Victoria,  I'm not sure a thank you, does justice to what you have done for me, Sarah, Madeline, and Phoenix.  Sunday was more than we could have ever hoped for, everything turned out perfect, almost like it was meant to be. The pictures turned out beautiful, both the ones we have and the ones we have seen on your blog. Weddings are meant to be a day you will never forget, and because of you, ours will be a day we look back on with the fondest of memories. Once again thank you very much for everything you did for us. Allen and Sarah

Monday, September 19, 2011

NC Beach Wedding - Want to elope?

Decisions, decisions, decisions!
Mountains, beaches and everywhere in between. North Carolina has it all for your destination wedding. There are so many wonderful places, ….

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love traveling across our beautiful state, officiating celebrations of love. Most of my travel is in the mountain area but I always love the opportunity to travel to the coast. 

As you can see, September is a beautiful month at the beach. Temperatures are cooler, rates are discounted and the beach is almost deserted. What a perfect time for a wedding!

I was very excited in March when Jerome contacted me about officiating his wedding at Ocean Isle. I was planning a fall trip to the beach so this worked perfectly with my schedule. I always said that when I retired I would spend a month at the coast. Well, I've been retired seven years now and I haven’t spent the month yet but I’m coming close this year… three weeks! And, to be honest, I'm not ‘retired’ yet. Just have a really good boss!

Jerome is a professional wedding and event videographer so as you can imagine there were cameras in every direction. 

There was even one on the upper level of the beach house. These guys didn’t miss a single moment of their wedding day.
Although I did not get photos of the wedding, here are few after the I do’s.

Just received these great photos from Jerome. Many thanks to Rachel Anglen Photography –

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wedding at Lake Lure - Taking the Plunge

I've been looking forward to receiving some photos from a wedding I officiated in June. And now I can share..

Tonya and Kendall loved visiting Lake Lure and thought it would be the perfect spot for their wedding. And it was. The rental vacation house was very spacious, with several levels. There was a lovely covered balcony and the chairs were arranged to form an aisle. Someone had been hard a work decorating. There were bows and flowers everywhere..
It had been raining a little but stopped in time for us to have the ceremony at the end of the deck which was completely open.

Tonya and Kendall wanted a traditional religious ceremony. She was escorted by her father, who looked very proud.

Promises were made, rings were exchanged, prayers and blessings were offered. Sounds pretty traditional, doesn't it? Well.... this bride is anything but traditional.

Keep reading.

Tonya had a big surprise for her guests. As you can see, she was wearing a beautiful wedding gown. Before the ceremony she told me of her plans to jump into the lake. Yes, while wearing her lovely wedding gown.

It seems that she had been telling people that she was finally 'taking the plunge'. She said the idea hit her, 'why not'.  So here it is...

Tonya and Kendall taking the plunge.

Best wishes to an adventurous couple!