Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Drew & Kara marry at RiverMist

We have some really special weddings at RiverMist. This past weekend was no exception. Kara and Drew traveled from Tennessee. Well, actually Drew traveled quite a bit farther..(about 7,000 miles) to get married here and spend their honeymoon in Asheville.

I was a little concerned about the weather. Earlier in the week there was no prediction of snow. However, we woke up Saturday morning to 4 inches of snow. The roads were fine and the snow just added to the beauty of the drive. Drew had not seen snow in a while so he was very happy…

Since they were traveling, Drew arranged for flowers, cake, champagne, keepsake glasses, and a ‘take-along’ cheese basket. As always, I had fun shopping for everything and each item was hand selected.
After we talked a little, Drew and Kara changed into their wedding clothes. Keeping with tradition, Kara did not want Drew to see her wedding dress until immediately before the ceremony. As you can see from his face, he was overwhelmed when she walked around the corner.

I think the ceremony was a little more emotional than they expected. They were both happy to sit and 'catch their breath'.

Drew couldn't resist the snow and   had to have a few pictures taken outside. What a gentleman... he didn't want his new bride to ruin her beautiful shoes!

What a lucky couple... their 'first' honeymoon in Asheville... then in April another honeymoon in Greece!

Many, many adventures await these two… (hold on tight, Kara!)

Today (3/1) I received an email that I must share:
Victoria, We cannot begin to express our gratitude to you and Guy for the lovely ceremony you arranged for Kara and me. I never imagined I would marry so I had no idea what my wedding would look like. Our ceremony at Rivermist was all we expected and more.

The most overwhelming part was trying to narrow down all the options you provided us. I had seen my siblings go through the whole church/wedding/guest nightmare and was so thrilled that all I had to concentrate on that day was how lucky I was to be marrying the most wonderful woman in the world.

You were able to assimilate and accommodate requests from both of us while managing to create a sense of peace, serenity, and flow to the ceremony. Everything was absolutely perfect, I would only have asked for more snow (not your department)!
For couples who desire a quiet, intimate ceremony where the main focus is each other, I would highly recommend looking into Rivermist. It was undoubtedly the single most wonderful day of our lives to date.  Sincerely and with best regards,
Kara and Drew Clippard