Monday, July 18, 2016

Caysea and Chris Are Married

Lovely Bride
Can you see the love in this bride's eyes?
Caysea was marrying her best friend.
Caysea promised to Chris

Chris, I choose now to stay this path with you,
wherever it leads, whatever the outcome
To travel with you through the adventures of life.
I give you my promise to be by your side forevermore.
I promise to love, to honor, and to listen
as you tell me your thoughts,
your hopes, your fears, and your dreams.
I promise to love you deeply and truly 

because it is your heart that moves me,
your head that challenges me,
your humor that delights me,
and your hands I wish to hold until the end of my days.
And Chris had promises to make
I, Chris promise to you
To make each and every day special
I promise to laugh with you, every day
To remember why I fell so madly in love with you
To support you and hold you durimg te lowest moments
And to triumph with you when the moments are high.
I promsie to you that I will love and protect you
I will be faithful and honest
And I will never take for granted how lucky I am
To have found my best friend, soul mate
and love of my life in you.

So happy to be married!
Let the adventures begin!