Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Neeraja and Angelo - Two Traditions, One Love

'We gather today to celebrate the marriage of Neeraja and Angelo. Out of two different and distinct traditions, you have come together to learn the best of what each has to offer, appreciating your differences, and confirming that love is our true home, our true meeting place.' 
The ceremony began as Neeraja and Angelo exchanged garlands.
What a sweet ring bearer.
Angelo wanted to include quotes from the Quran:
A successful marriage is not when you can live in peace with your wife, but when you can’t live in peace without her. For a righteous wife can make a poor man feel like a King, as no love between two souls is greater than that between the spouses. 
And Neeraja wanted to include the Bhagavad Gita

A great marriage is not when the perfect couple comes together, it is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences. I can’t promise you that marriage will be easy, but I can say that marriage the way God intended it to be, is a treasure worth fighting for.
The wedding attire was sent from relatives in India
Mehndi, a Hindu wedding tradition
Neeraja and Angelo included the tradition of exchanging gifts.
Neeraja received a beautiful glass peacock, the national bird of India.

Angelo was very happy with the new Rayban sunglasses.
Angelo made the wine from rose petals. 
You have become mine forever. 
Yes, we have become partners. 
I have become yours. 
Hereafter, I cannot live without you. 
Do not live without me.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Elopement in North Carolina - Brai and Lucas are Married

Oh yes, it's true.
These two were quietly married over the weekend.

Not everyone understands when a couple decides to elope. Sometimes feelings are hurt and people feel left out. But tell me... how could you not be happy for this sweet couple? The day was full of love. They had their moms with them, serving as their witnesses and photographers!
Now Brai and Lucas could have just gone to the courthouse. But they they wanted more... They wanted to start their marriage with God's blessing.
"I pray you place your marriage in God's hands
and that His love abounds in your marriage.
That you will seek Him with all of your heart
and allow Him to guide and direct your marriage."
The first kiss as husband and wife.
A kiss they will always remember.
And they just kept on kissing...

And now it's time to start their journey as husband and wife. So many adventures ahead. Hawaii, Alaska, Germany, Italy....... Who knows where they might end up..One thing is sure, where ever it is they will be.....
Together Forever!

Baby Blessing in Charlotte NC

The celebration cake says it all....
It is always an honor to be part of a baby blessing ceremony. 
There was a time when christenings or infant baptisms only took place in church. 
Times have changed and we are aware that God's presence is not contained within walls.
It is a special time indeed.
Parent's make promises and Godparents are named.
This sweet child of God was surrounded by so many people. 
Great distances were traveled to be part of this special day.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Ashley and Mike are Married!

We have a lot of military couples marry at our retreat center, RiverMist. Usually they will arrive in casual clothes, maybe shorts and t-shirt. Quite a transformation when the uniform goes on.

Ashley was happy and ready to marry the man of her dreams.
It was a happy occasion indeed.
Ashley and Mike were surrounded by people who love them.
Big smiles.
Beautiful dress...
And her 'something blue' nails.
A bright future ahead. Full of love and adventures.