Thursday, August 20, 2009

RiverMist Wedding

I just have to post about a recent wedding at RiverMist! This is way overdue but between weddings and summer family outings it has been a very busy end of the summer.

Racheal contacted me several months ago about having a small wedding. She told me that we offered exactly what she was looking for. She also shared a little about her relationship with Neal. They had been dating four years. Which isn’t too unusual but…. the entire time has been long distance. She has been completing her college degree while Neal, stationed at Fort Bragg, has been traveling around the world (yes, including Iraq).

Their wedding day was the hottest of the year and the temperature had cooled off to a mere 105 degrees at the time of their wedding.

Rachael drove from Georgia & Neal drove from Fayetteville. And what a delight to meet them! She arrived carrying a vase of two dozen roses (a surprise from Neal, who is quite the romantic). I pulled out my florist supplies and went to work. We decided on five roses for her bouquet. One for each year they had been together and one for their wedding day!

Just look at this fun couple. After their wedding they headed to Asheville to enjoy their honeymoon which included sky diving, gem mining and white water rafting. I’m sure their goodbyes came way too soon. However, the separation won’t be long. In December Rachael will complete her second degree and will join Neal, hopefully in North Carolina.

I truly want everyone to have a wonderful wedding experience and it made me so very happy to receive this email from Rachael:

Hi Victoria,
I received the written ceremony, so thank you for sending it. I read it a couple days after the ceremony, and am so happy with all of the beautiful words you said, the prayers, and our vows! I feel like ours was unique and special compared to the "average" wedding ceremony.

I also just want to thank you in general for making our ceremony possible (and keeping the most special day of my life OUT of the courthouse!!). I wouldn't have had it any other way. The pictures your husband took were beautiful -- they looked professional!! -- and everyone loves them. Tell him thank you for us! And the basket you prepared couldn't have been more perfect.

I hope more couples, especially those like us who don't have the resources for a big wedding, are able to find you and have as great of an experience as we did!

God bless you and your family! We will certainly keep in touch!
Racheal & Neal