Friday, May 29, 2009

Gena & Randy Got Married at RiverMist!

I'm sitting here, a little anxious, waiting for a couple to arrive. It's always so exciting to have a wedding at RiverMist. In the middle of my entry, the happy couple arrived! Their ceremony was very love-filled, with a few tears from the bride.

Gena and Randy selected a special poem to be read. Knowing their relationship, the poem is perfect for them.
The poem begins:

Two birds begin a journey long,
From different points in far off lands
With a luring urge - in heart a song,
Two novices heed life's commands... the poem continues.....

After learning a little about the type of ceremony they wanted, I suggested they may want to use an oathing stone so their vows would be 'set in stone'. They loved this idea and searched the creek for a smooth river rock before the ceremony began.
By now they should be in Brevard, celebrating at the mountain cabin they rented for the weekend.
Life is good!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ok, I have the hang of this now... Things are sure a lot easier than they were in the 70's when I began my career in data processing... You had to read stacks and stacks of manuals to manipulate data, now just a few clicks and you're off and running....

Just last week I purchased my first touch screen cell phone, with unlimited data. I thought it would be handy to check my email while traveling the mountains of North Carolina. I was a little worried at first, no manual. Instructions were on a CD... not to worry, I was able to set it up without even looking at the instructions... and now blogging.... look at me!

Now, back to weddings, my favorite subject (just ask my family and friends!)

During the last few years many couples have gotten married at our retreat center. Just last weekend a great couple from Knoxville arrived at RiverMist by limo. Our neighbors were very impressed.

Many couples choose our location because we are very private and conveniently located. Whenever someone inquires about a wedding at RiverMist I tell them that it's not for everyone but I can honestly say that everyone who has gotten married here said it was 'perfect' and exactly what they were looking for. This note from Whitney and Adam says it best.....
Thank you so much! We had the best time and it was so great getting to meet you and Guy. We kept going on and on about how nice you were - we couldn't have been more pleased with the whole day! The limo was a great idea, I have to say. It was really nice to be able to just sit back and relax and enjoy the scenery. We drank a little champagne and listened to music - it was perfect.

Our pictures really turned out great, we were impressed with Guy's skills! :-) We've showed them to friends already and they all thought they were done by a professional! Thank you again, for everything! You really made our wedding day special. We'll always remember it as a day of fun, relaxation, and love. I will recommend your services to anyone who asks! - Whitney and Adam

The mountains of North Carolina have become very popular for destination weddings. There are many wonderful venues for large or small weddings. It can be a little difficult planning a long-distance wedding and I'm always happy to offer my assistance in venue selection and accommodations.

My First Blog... a minister and a mom
Today I enter the world of blogging.....

It has been a busy year, both as a wedding minister and as a mom. I have two daughters and both of them decided to get married this year. Not just this year, but within 6 weeks of each other. It was a challenge but we had a great time and I cried like a baby when it was all over.

Mary Ann & Mitch were married at Woodrun in Albemarle on April 4th (a very busy wedding day, I had at least 20 requests for that day!) She was so worried about the weather. Once she could get the 10 day forecast she was checking every source available until she could find the one with the best forecast. I told her there were a lot of couples praying for good weather! As it turned out the weather was perfect and so was their wedding!

In the beginning she told me that she didn't want me to officiate her ceremony. She was afraid that I would be too emotional and she wanted me to be the 'mom'. I was a little surprised when she told me that she wanted me to marry her. It was such an honor to be part of something so special. (and I didn't cry, not that she could see me anyway...)

We had a little break before Susan and Rodney were married on May 16th at Sertoma in Westfield. This is a 4H educational center and Rodney spent several years working as a counselor. He and Susan will both be working there this summer...

The wedding party spent the entire weekend at Sertoma and everyone had a great time hanging out. I can't say relaxing though... It was a lot of work. I was staying on the third floor and by the last day I didn't have enough energy to bring my luggage down!

Their weddings were entirely different. More on that later........