Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Private weddings at RiverMist

I’m afraid I’ve gotten behind on my wedding blog. With spring weddings and a new grandson on the way… there are just not enough hours in the day. I will try to catch up a little….

St. Patrick's Day can be a fun time to get married. Like many couples Stacy and Justin wanted a very private ceremony. Stacy had already purchased a new green dress for her wedding before they decided on the date. How appropriate to wear green on this day!

Although they did not want an "Irish" wedding we did incorporate a few traditions. I included an Irish wedding blessing in their ceremony and I also had a special surprise gift for Stacy.

There is an Irish tradition that it is good luck for the bride to carry (or wear) a horseshoe on her wedding day. My daughter wanted to wear one on her wedding day, so I ordered an extra one...

The new Mr.and Mrs.   Don't they look happy!

Tina and Chris were also married at RiverMist in March. As part of their ceremony we included a water unity ceremony. Tina had yellow colored water and Chris had blue colored water.

At the appropriate time they poured their water into a single vase, creating the color green. There are so many ways to make a ceremony special (and unique). Don't ever settle for a 'one size fits all'... 'cookie-cutter' ceremony.
When couples get married here I like to give them a little private time immediately following the ceremony. Guy was quick with the camera as Tina and Chris took advantage of their first minutes alone as husband and wife.

Tina and Chris had a few guests and wanted to celebrate after their wedding. Cake and cider receptions are available upon request.
         A toast to many, many years of happiness together!

Jessica and Matt - Family wedding in Asheville

Jessica and Matt had a fun wedding at Matt's parent's home. Home weddings can be very elegant or 'laid-back' and casual. Jessica and Matt chose both! Their wedding took place in a small community park that Matt's parent's maintain for the enjoyment of other residents. The flowers were absolutely gorgeous!

After lots of photographs, Jessica and Matt were happy to change into comfortable clothes and begin their reception 'picnic'.

Doesn't this look like fun! What a great way to have a spring wedding!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lacie and Jon Marry at Homewood in Asheville

April can be a little early for a mountain wedding. Lacie and Jon were wise to plan an indoor wedding. The weather had been very warm for several days but there was a 'cold snap' on April 9th, the day of their wedding.

Homewood in Asheville, has a beautiful outdoor and indoor location. Lacie and Jon's wedding took place in the Piano Room, in front of a beautiful rock fireplace.

Lacie and Jon included Blessing Stones as part of their ceremony. They had fun shopping for just the right gemstones.

These were placed on the programs. At the beginning of the ceremony I explained the significance of the stones.

We also included an elemental ring blessing (air, earth, fire and water) I have some very special 'props' that I am happy to provide.

Dad signed the marriage license. It' all legal now, 'a done deal'...

                  And here's the newly married couple.
                      So happy to finally be married!