Sunday, January 18, 2015

Family Wedding

Does it get any better?
A wedding, surrounded by family and friends.
At least for Tricia and Doug, the day was perfect!
Dear Victoria,
I am finally getting around to thanking you for making our wedding day even more special than I could have imagined. I really wanted a wedding without all of the typical stress so that we could focus on each other and our children. You helped us prepare every step of the way.  

I have never been involved in the planning of a wedding, so I really needed that.  The ceremony and the setting were simply beautiful. I loved hearing the sound of the water below us. Even my girls were touched by the ceremony- I am not sure if you noticed but they both had tears in their eyes during parts of the ceremony. 

Thank you for surprising us with the part involving the children and the toast. I has not asked for that but it was exactly what I wanted. This was a huge day for the children too -so thank you for formally acknowledging them and their importance to us. We also loved having the cake outside on the bridge.  The cake was more beautiful than I expected - and delicious too.  

You and Guy were such gracious hosts - thank you for allowing us to use your home.  Again, it was beautiful. Please also thank Guy for the wonderful photos.  I will cherish those forever. 
Thanks again for making our day so special! Take care, Tricia