Monday, February 14, 2011

Married at Looking Glass Falls - Valentine's Day Wedding

February 14th, Valentine’s Day, the day of love… Also, the day that Greg and Phoenix will now celebrate as their wedding anniversary.

Looking Glass falls is a very popular place for small, intimate weddings. There is a platform at the base of the falls and can accommodate a few guests. It is a public area but I find most guests are respectful and often happy to be part of a celebration.

The waterfall is easily accessible, if you can manage ‘a few’ steps. I’m not sure how many but I did need to stop and catch my breath when walking up to the parking area.

Who would believe it 66 degrees in the middle of February! Although the temperature was warm there was still a good bit of ice surrounding the falls. There was one ‘macho’ visitor who had to take a plunge in the water, possibly to impress the young woman with him. He was drenched from head to toe as he walked back to the car. Hopefully, he planned in advance and had dry clothes waiting.

As I waited for Greg and Phoenix I watched several couples walking, hand in hand, to the waterfall. You could just feel love in the air. There were a few visitors around when Greg and Phoenix arrived. It was now obvious that something very special was getting ready to happen.

Phoenix and Greg graciously welcomed the other visitors to witness their wedding. At the appropriate time, there was a nice 'round of applause' for the newlyweds! Everyone loves love....

Here's the new Mr. and Mrs. showing off their rings for the photographer.

Isn't her dress perfect?

Greg and Phoenix had taken great care in writing personal vows to each other, stating many times, ‘you are my reflection’. How appropriate that they marry in front of Looking Glass Falls.

Loki was not happy that he had to watch from a distance. He was ready to have his photo taken with the bride.

Wishing the new family much happiness always!