Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Outdoor Wedding at Leatherwood Mountain

This will be another quick post.. That is until our happy couple returns from St. Lucia and sends me some photos. I hope by now they have made it to their destination. When I last heard from them they were stranded in Puerto Rico, waiting for hurricane Earl to pass.

When you get to weddings as early as I do you get to see all the preparation that goes into a wedding celebration. Everyone was busy when I arrived at Leatherwood. The reception tent was set up near the ceremony site. Guests only had to take a few steps to get something cool to drink.
And here's the ceremony site that they chose. There are many options at Leatherwood. Couples can get married on the deck of their private cabin or the facility can host large groups at various locations. Abie is the event coordinator and she makes wedding planning so easy.. I'm sure Jennifer and Chris appreciated this since they, and most of their guests, traveled from Pennsylvania.

Here's a close up of the decorations. The aisle was lined with beautiful rose petals.
There were two photographers, Ryan and Misty Case, http://www.pixelsonpaper.biz/, a husband and wife team. They were able to capture photos from every angle. Before the ceremony Ryan took photos of the guys while Misty concentrated on the bride.

I can't wait to post some of the wedding photos. Jennifer had a 'surprise' entrance. I won't say what it was but remember Leatherwood is known as "horse country".

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wedding at Lake Eden Events, Black Mountain, NC

Mike and Liz had contacted me months ago about officiating their wedding at Lake Eden Events. I have officiated several weddings there and it is always a treat to drive onto the property. The entrance is lined with large pine trees that completely cover the road. The photo does not do it justice.

Here are a couple more of the facility.
Couples are allowed to use the main building to prepare for the ceremony and then proceed across this bridge to the ceremony site.
But enough about the facility, let me tell you about this couple..... Mike and Liz were so calm on their wedding day. Everything most have gone according to their plans. Mike was busy carrying things back and forth to the 'barn' where they held their reception but he never appeared stressed.
And check out the shoes...
This couple was covering the state. The had traveled from Raleigh to the mountains. And then from the mountains to the outer banks for their honeymoon.

Big smiles from the happy couple...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Christina and Randy Marry in North Carolina

I received this note from Christina and Randy, who married at their vacation home a few weeks ago.

Hi Victoria! I just wanted to share a couple of our favorite pictures of our wedding and thank you once again for making it so personal and such a wonderful religious and emotion experience! It was enlightening to us and we still get choked up about it all! Our family could not be happier!
Enjoy! Christina

Christina and Randy's families arrived the night before the wedding to begin the celebration.. and there was a dinner reception after the wedding. However, the wedding was 'their' time.
Although family traveled to spend the weekend celebrating their marriage, Randy and Christina wanted a private ceremony with only their children present. Randy finished this beautiful rock garden just in time for the wedding
As a memorial to to family and friends, balloons were released at the end of their ceremony 
Now the family is looking forward to the day when North Carolina will be their permanent home..
Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose
(their family motto)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Outdoor Wedding in North Carolina

Silk flowers were a smart choice for this August wedding. When Dana and Loyd arrived, the thermometer was at 107. After chatting a bit, and changing clothes it was up to 110. Now our thermometer may be off a degree or two but that's hot by anyone's standard..
Dana was paying attention to the weather and had chosen a beautiful sundress for her wedding.

As I've said before, you can use unity candles for outdoor ceremonies. It was a little challenge, but Dana and Loyd were able to light their candle.. and it stayed lit... (very important symbolism..)

Big KISS..
It's always funny how 'relaxed' a couple looks after the wedding. Could their smiles be any bigger??
Dana and Loyd wanted their photo taken on the porch of my 'little cabin'. Right now I use it to store my wedding supplies. Pretty soon it's going to turn into a playhouse for my grandchildren.

They begin their walk together...

      husband and wife.

Private Family Wedding in North Carolina

When I arrived at the villa located in Brights Creek, I was greated by a table full of beautiful bouquets. The bride ordered twelve dozen roses and had spent the morning making beautiful bouquets. Why so many? You will find out in a few minutes...

Jim told me that he and Diane did a lot of researching on the internet before deciding on a location for their family wedding. After looking at various locations, they decided they wanted to get married in the mountains. He said that once they decided that, he knew they would be coming to North Carolina. They have talked about retiring to this area so this would be a perfect time to 'check things out'. Jim is a golfer so he was impressed that the villa was located on the '18th hole'...

Since Jim and Dianne were planning their wedding from Pennsylvania everthing was arranged through the internet. They wanted a beautiful, fun wedding without the stress...so they hired personal chefs to prepare their reception dinner. There was even a pizza 'bar' for the children..Diane said that it was so easy, everything was taken care of: table, chairs, serving pieces, china, meal preparation and best of all... cleanup! What could be easier?? 
Want to know more... check out Erika's website:

The five bedroom house was absolutely beautiful with plenty of room for everyone. I'm glad I had my camera with me. Wish I could have take a few more photos.

Here's Diane giving everyone last minute instructions.

And here's the wedding party..

And now.. the reason for all the bouquets... Five beautiful daughters.

I'm sure everyone left with wonderful memories and Jim and Dianne are now counting the days until retirement!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wedding at Chimney Rock - Hickory Nut Falls

As I said in my previous post, Chimney Rock State Park has three locations for weddings. Hickory Nut Falls requires the most effort but as you can see, it is worth it!

Although this is a beautiful location you must keep in mind there is a walk involved (1 1/2 miles round trip, with incline) and there are no restroom facilities. The most important consideration is the weather... I was watching the weather this past week. We were in the middle of a heat wave and Janet and Dave were scheduled to marry at noon at Hickory Nut Falls. I arrived around 10:30 so I would have plenty of time to make the walk and hopefully cool off a little before the ceremony. My husband was with me so he took my picture while I was 'catching my breath'.
As I mentioned, it's a bit of a walk and not everyone can walk at the same pace. (One reason I start early...) Janet and Dave decided to take a few photos while waiting for everyone to arrive.

As you can see the platform is large enough to accommodate many guests. I don't know the exact number but there is also space along the walkway.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Elopement in North Carolina

Shhh… wanna know a secret… We had a beautiful elopement at RiverMist today and right now our newlyweds are snuggled in their mountain cabin. I wish I could show you their happy faces but… I think it would be best to wait until they have told their families the ‘news’…

I will tell you that they are a wonderful couple who have been together several years.. and soon they will be moving into their new house together. (I bet this groom remembers to carry his bride across the threshold…)

We included a unity candle as part of their ceremony. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t use unity candles for outdoor weddings. Candles work well… you just have to be creative… At first, I had picked some black-eyed susans from my garden and had them submerged in water. After seeing the bride’s bouquet, I had to make a quick switch. I told them the vase came with a memory… it was used at my daughter’s wedding last year.

We’re in the middle of a heat wave and today was no exception.. The new Mr. & Mrs. had to check out the cool water.

Hopefully, I will get the ‘ok’ soon and I’ll post their photos….

The newlyweds have returned home and the secret is out! Let me share the email I received today (8/15)...
Hi Mrs. Hutchins!

Ted and I just got home this evening from NC and we wanted to straight away email you our thanks. Thank you sooo much for such a easy elopement! Ted and I loved the fact that everything went so smoothly. It was perfect for us and we could not have asked for anything better. Many thanks to your husband for taking all those pics! We LOVE them. Since we have now told our families and friends about the "suprise" feel free to post whatever pictures you want on your blog. I love what you have already put up! I'll be continuing to read your blog :-) Thank you again! Cathy and Ted

So here's the happy couple....

Many years of happiness await these two...

Monday, August 2, 2010

North Carolina Family Wedding

Rebecca and Matthew, along with their son Mikey came to our retreat center to marry. Their parents traveled from various locations to join in the celebration.

Most ceremonies begin with ‘the giving of the bride’. Actually, that term is a little dated. Since the bride is not property to be owned or ‘given away’ I use the term, ‘who gives their blessings… etc.. I began Rebecca and Matthew’s ceremony with a little ‘twist’. I asked for the blessings and support of all of their parents. I received a resounding ‘We Do’.

Mikey was only 2 1/2 but he was a great ring bearer...
Don’t you just love her ‘something blue’.

Although Mikey was a little young he managed to do 'his part' for the family unity sand ceremony.
The ceremony ended and Mikey gave his approval with a big 'thumbs up'.
Best wishes to a 'new' family...