Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Stormy and Paul Marry at RiverMist

Dusk. What a wonderful time to marry. Just ask Stormy and Paul.
What you don't see. They are surrounded by the people who love them most. But more on that later.
Exchanging rings, the physical 'binding' part of a wedding ceremony. Many think this is the moment you become husband and wife.
Unity Sand. A nice way to honor the merging of lives.
And now about their guests. Each person was given a small polished stone to hold in their hand during the ceremony. Before the formal 'pronouncement' each person came forward and gave their 'blessing stone' to the happy couple, offering congratulations and words of wisdom. The stones are now displayed in their home, reminding the happy couple of everyone present on their wedding day.
After lots of hugs and kisses. It was time for THE kiss.
And now the guests.
Wedding cake coming up.
And time to celebrate. Cheers!!
Happy times ahead for these two.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stephen and Aimee are Married.

Getting ready for Aimee and Stephen's wedding. Family wedding. Fun times.
While the bride is getting ready I pin on the boutonniere.
 Here comes the bride. And her lovely maid of honor.
We have gathered today in the presence of God, to acknowledge the decisions of these two people, Stephen and Aimee, to share their love in the relationship of marriage. They bring individual strengths, wisdom and personalities and today they commit themselves to a life together as husband and wife.
 Bless these rings, symbols of faithfulness and unbroken love. May Stephen and Aimee always be true to each other, may they be one in heart and mind, may they be united in love forever. 
 Rings exchanged.
Time to dance.
Never too old for bubbles.
 Checking out the ring.
Smiles and sign say it all.