Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weddingmoon at RiverMist

June 21st, Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year…. Laurie and Dave chose this day for their wedding day. And what a special day it was…

It was great seeing Laurie and Dave again. They had driven from Columbia when we were in the middle of updating our 'honeymoon' cabin. I told them to use their imagination; things would look much differently the next time they visited. And so it was… (I think they were impressed by all the work that we had done.)

They arrived at the cabin on Sunday but we didn’t see them until yesterday around 5:00. I really wanted to say ‘hello’ but knew this was their special time and didn’t want to intrude..

Although their wedding took place by the river, they wanted a few photos by the stream at our main cabin. Was it ever hot! Check out their wedding attire! Laurie and Dave did not want to wear something traditional and their choice was perfect! The dress and shirt were custom made by a seamstress in Florida.

After a few photos they returned to the rental cabin to prepare for their 7:00 wedding. When I arrived, the dock was covered with white fabric and various colors of rose petals were sprinkled around. (And since it is summer, they were wise enough to include some citronella candles!)

We began their ceremony by asking for the blessings of all creation to be with us on their wedding day. After a few words about their relationship and the meaning of marriage it was time for the handfasting. There are many variations of this ritual and they chose my favorite, which uses various colors of ribbons. As each promise was made, a ribbon was tied around their hands. After their ‘hands and hearts were bound’ they made personal promises to each other. The ribbons were loosened and they exchanged beautiful Celtic wedding bands.

We closed with the Apache Blessing. And then the KISS! It was obvious that kissing was nothing new to them…After a few more photos, we headed inside for the cake cutting and champagne toast. (the air conditioning felt wonderful) As you would expect from Laurie and Dave, their wedding cake was also unique, chocolate cheesecake with fresh strawberries and blueberries, homemade by a friend in Columbia. Yummy!

We left the happy couple, drinking champagne and kissing….