Monday, July 13, 2009

Family Wedding at RiverMist

The internet is a wonderful thing. Couples around the world can quickly get information about getting married in North Carolina. It also brings neighbors together…

Several months ago (it seems like only a few days) I received a phone call from a couple wanting to get married at RiverMist. I was very surprised to learn they lived only a few miles away! We arranged a time for them to visit so we could discuss their plans face to face. Andrea and Jason were very pleased with our facility and said it was exactly what they were looking for. A date was chosen and we started on their wedding ceremony.

On Saturday, Andrea arrived first with her parents and headed upstairs to freshen up and change clothes. Things got a little lively once Jason and their two year old son joined the wedding party. Like all two year olds, everything was an adventure to Jayden and his first adventure was climbing up and down our steps.

We wondered what he would do during the family unity sand ceremony. As you can see from the picture he managed to get most of the sand into the vase. Children, like the weather, are unpredicitable and you always have to be ready to react and adjust quickly.
By now Andrea and Jason are honeymooning in Hawaii. When I asked what sites they were going to visit Jason immediately said that he was going to golf. I asked Andrea what she was going to do. Her reply, ‘drive the golf cart, I guess’. Sounds like their marriage is off to a good start.

And look what I just received in my email. A photo of the newlyweds in Hawaii.

Life is Good!