Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wedding Chapel in North Carolina

I'm often asked if I know of a small wedding chapel in North Carolina. I am always happy to pass along information so here's a little info about a quaint chapel located in Newton.

A covered gazebo and a reception hall is also available at Christian Tours Wedding Chapel.

This restored chapel was moved to it current location. And luckily it has heat and air conditioning. (very important for yesterday's wedding!)

It is a little small but that's what you would expect (and want) for a wedding chapel.  Do keep in mind there are no restroom facilities available. You would want to make your guests aware of this ahead of time.

There is also very limited parking near the chapel. If you expect more than a few cars, parking would be a bit of an uphill/downhill walk.

The inside is rustic but has a wonderful cozy feel and can seat about 50 people.

Here's a photo of the altar area. There are two stained glass windows on each side. Since it is fairly small, few decorations are needed. I'm not sure candles are allowed but there are certainly other decorating options. Over the years, I have acquired quite a collection of wedding decorations and would be happy to include this in my fee.(one less thing for you to worry about!)

My daughter was visiting for the weekend so she took a few photos of the ceremony.
This will give you an idea of the size. There was plenty of room for three attendants and a flower girl.
 And there was plenty of room for the kiss.

This was one of my favorite photos. Just look how the stain glass reflected in the top of the unity sand vase.

Michelle and Jason said they would email me some photos, so hopefully there will be more to post soon.