Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Touch of England - Jennifer and Keith Marry at RiverMist

For the last few weeks all eyes have been on England and the Royal Wedding. It was a beautiful event witnessed (and critiqued) by millions. The wedding required a huge amount of preparation and coordination. I haven’t heard estimates on the actual cost of the wedding but I’m sure it’s staggering. With all the planning and expense, at the end of the day they were married and everything was a memory.

On May 2nd, we made wedding memories at RiverMist. Jennifer, along with her parents and brother traveled from England to marry the love of her life, Keith, who is stationed at Fort Bragg.

Jennifer, like many brides, wanted a simple stress-free wedding. She gave me complete freedom to make the arrangements.  I contacted a local florist to design her wedding bouquet, boutonniere, and of course a corsage for her mother, or as Jennifer referred to her, Mum. Everything was ready and waiting for their arrival.

After pining the groom's boutonniere we were ready to begin. Jennifer’s Mum had requested special music, Pachelbel's Canon. It was a wonderful way to begin the ceremony.

Our weather has been perfect and Monday was no exception. It was a little overcast which is optimal for outdoor photos.

Jennifer's father was happy to escort his daughter.

The family gathered around as Jennifer and Keith made their promises to ‘share life’s journey.’ Their first kiss was a short sweet kiss, (similar to the much talked about kiss shared by Kate and William) 
Immediately after the kiss was THE hug, hearts beating together.

After taking a little time to be alone, the couple came inside for cake and champagne. 

It was a touching moment, during the toast, when Jennifer's father told Keith to ‘take care of their little girl’. 

Jennifer was a little worried about cutting the cake. Keith had told her that sometimes the bride or groom smear cake on each others face. She had nothing to fear, Keith is a gentleman.

Since we are not a wedding venue with one wedding scheduled right after the other, there’s plenty of time to sit and visit. The clouds had lifted and the deck was nice and sunny so everyone decided to have their refreshments outside.

Photos were downloaded and the cake and champagne flutes were packed for travel. The newlyweds headed to Asheville to enjoy a few days alone.

It’s always such a special time when couples drive away to ‘begin their new life together’…..