Sunday, January 29, 2017

Shhhh. Private wedding in North Carolina

What a wonderful day Friday was.

Thirty-five years in the making. Yes, 35 years! This lovely couple has been through good times and bad times. And in their hearts they have been 'married' for many years. No need to make changes.

Then life circumstances reminded them that time was passing quickly and it was time. Time for a new beginning, a beginning as a married couple. (and the planned vacation would make a perfect honeymoon!) Lucky for me... I was able to be part of their special day.

Quiet Thoughts of the Seasons
The quiet thoughts of two people a long time in love
Touch lightly, Like birds nesting in each other’s warmth
You will know them by their laughter
But to each other they speak mostly through their solitude.
If they find themselves apart, they may dream of sitting undisturbed
In each other's presence, of wrapping themselves warmly in each other's

The rings they exchanged were purchased many years ago.

These special rings bring with them the memories of yesterday
and the hope for your tomorrows.
May they continue to remind you of the power of your love.

Will they tell their family and friends? For now, it's our little secret.....